EVIL: Kapeng Cult Shrine In Cameroon Where Nigerian political leaders proceed To Get Spiritual, Diabolic Powers revealed.

Kapeng Cult Shrine In Cameroon Where Nigerian political leaders proceed To Get Spiritual, Diabolic Powers revealedNaija news

The untold mysteries of peak Nigerian political leaders exposed
A dangerous shrine entitled Kapeng established in the border of Cameroon and Nigeria very close to Bakassi has become an affinity center for political leaders all over Nigeria.

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The Kapeng cult shrine dreaded by inhabitants of the area is located on a high ground peak very close to Danere, a village in between Nigeria and Cameroo. It is clustered and controlled by mighty native doctors who claim they are adept to turn political treasures round.

Investigations disclosed that this is the place where popular Nigerian political leaders visit throughout election time to get diabolical power to help them conquer their opponents.

town People’s investigations revealed that most political leaders from the states of the South South on the pretext of being in vacation to visit some tourists’ sites in traverse stream State, actually come for a distinct mission all simultaneously.

It was revealed that they visit the locality every time to either maintain or farther their political aspirations. Obeten Kekong, who is one of the custodians of “Kapeng” cult told town persons recently that they have in last few months witnessed influx of political leaders, mostly from states where elections were undertook.

These set of political leaders habitually visit the shrine between 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. every day after forfeitures to enable them scale through the elections. The politicians accept as true that one time they are started into the Kapeng” cult their future political aspiration world be accomplished.

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Kapeng Cult Shrine In Cameroon Where Nigerian Politicians Go For Spiritual Powers Exposed

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