Controversial pop star Justin Bieber faced the cops last night after his neighbor called the police 3 times to complain about the wild party hosted at his Calabasas home.

According to TMZ, Justin hosted a wild shindig at his home for approximately 100 people including Snoop Lion. Apparently the noise got so loud for some of the residents and cops were called around 1:00 am.
Reports from the LA County Sherrif’s Deputies say someone inside told ‘them [Bieber & Co] to keep the noise down’ and left. But the noise didn’t stop. Around 3 am, Bieber’s next door neighbor – same one the singer allegedly spit on during a prior altercation – called again and deputies came out a second time.
According to TMZ, the neighbor claimed to had smelled marijuana inside but left without accusing anyone. At 5:30 am the neighbor couldn’t take it anymore … deputies came out a third time and he filed a police report against Justin for disturbing the peace.
From every indication, the cops will write a full report and then decide whether to send it on the L.A. County DA for possible prosecution.

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