BB Broadcast from OUCH! CEO Uche Nnaji

The CEO of OUCH fashion house just sent out this BB broadcast
My name is UCHEnnaji. At 1pm today I arrived the SIB in CP Ikeja - Lagos from Abuja where I had been honoured by mr President at Aso Rock along with 100 bright Nigerian youths .7hours after I got to the police with my lawyers whom was waiting for me here and a surety, the police tactfully delayed their effort  and said I have to be detained here till tomorrow as the OC in charge skillfully left the office at 5pm. the  petitioner is mr Kelechi Mbagwu 08023139667 who came to report that I threatened his life.( can u guys imagine ). I could have kept mute and called all the people I know to call the IG or CP but I need the Nigerian youths to take this matter up tonight as one of theirs is being intimidated by a money bag and the police is playing to his tune detaining me unlawfully. Long Live the Nigerian Youth, 

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