linda ikeji: Okay yeah, I built a house for my parents :-) (Photos)

I wasn't going to bring it here - I'm shy...:-)..but I've been seeing the report on other blogs and reading comments from some of you saying I write about others but don't want to write about myself. Lol

So here goes. Yes I built a home for my parents, as a betterpikinthingz..:-). It's a five bedroom duplex in our hometown of Nkwerre in Imo state. The house was built in 7 months...imagine! My dad wanted the house ready for Christmas. He returned this weekend after four months in the village supervising the house and showed us a pic of how far they've gone. (Pic above). He came home to spend Christmas with us while the builders put a gate round the house. (That's my dad on the balcony).

Meanwhile, I told my dad, now that I've built you a house, can I buy my Range Rover now? He said not yet, you still have to get married first! Lol. *sigh*. Oh well...Another pic after the cut...

When I told you guys thanks for an amazing year, you now understand what I'm talking about? LIB is currently my only source of income and thanks to you guys, it's more than enough. May God bless you all, give you your hearts' desires, and give you more than enough to help you, your family and the world. Kisses

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