Oprah to blame for Golden Globe snub of ‘The Butler' say cast & crew

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When asked how come ‘The Butler’ film has been shut out of the nominations for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards- after getting rave reviews from critics and doing well at the box office- the entire cast and crew of the film unanimously pointed accusing fingers at Oprah Winfrey, according to reports.

“Frankly speaking, look no further than Oprah,” said The Butler Director, Lee Daniels. “I knew it was wrong casting her as Gloria Gaines but I didn’t have the bottle to tell her. I mean how do you tell a billionaire she really can’t hack it on the big screen?”
Forest Whitaker, Academy Award winner, is said to be devastated. As the lead character in The Butler, playing Cecil Gaines, Whitaker is said to have been very optimistic on adding a 2nd golden statuette to his Oscar glory next year. The Golden Globe is often seen as a barometer for Oscar nominations. Whitaker is said to be furious Oprah could have cost him a second Oscar.

“This is exactly what I tried telling Lee when he told me Oprah was going to play Gloria Gaines,” Whitaker confided to close friends. “Seriously I had my doubts about her. I told Lee ‘that woman has no place in a film’. Nobody wants to watch a billionaire in the movies. The only place for a billionaire in a film is as a producer. I mean just give us some money to make the film and forget about getting a part.”

At post time Hollywood grapevine has it that Winfrey has vowed to use her wealth and clout to influence next year’s Academy Awards nominations in favour of her character in The Butler, as best actress or best supporting actress or whatever.

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