Proudly Counting 100 Babies And still Counting More.

"It’s been two incredibly short years and 100 beautiful US-born babies.’ This is the amazing success story of Nigeria’s premier Maternity Concierge Service firm- Deluxe Childbirth Services.

The basic goal of this firm is to link expectant parents to excellent yet affordable childbirth services in the US. Since its inception in February 2012, DCS has helped hundreds of interested parents birth their babies in over fifteen US cities that include New York, Phoenix, Houston, San Diego, Atlanta and New Jersey. These babies also include three sets of twins and a set of triplets! Continue...

And with popular US destinations like Los Angeles and Houston boasting of medical bills as low as $5500 for a normal vaginal delivery, impossible has become past tense. You can check out their past client’s testimonials here.

They also provide accommodation for clients who have no one to stay with while in the US. This is done in addition to its normal service of linking parents to the most affordable childbirth options in their preferred city, booking their first appointment with the doctor as well as furnishing them with all the necessary documents and guidance needed for visa interviews, US entry and Baby’s US Citizenship processing.

So if you don’t have where to stay in the US; DCS has multiple All-Inclusive Childbirth Packages starting from as low as $8500 that cover medical costs, 10-12weeks accommodation, baby’s document processing and return costs etc.

Guess what? This even gets better! Working with DCS, you gain access to the Access Bank Maternal Health Scheme; where you not only have your baby in the US at the best costs; but you can also enjoy the flexibility of making the payments in manageable bits over a 12 – 36months period!!! In addition, all DCS clients get easy access to obtaining a very portable, very practical tracking device that lets you know what exactly is happening to your children wherever whenever!

Today, in celebration of its first 100 babies; for the next few days, Deluxe Childbirth Services will be offering a whopping 15% discount on its service fee. This discount is available for all who purchase their service from now till the 15th of September 2014.

Ready to have your have baby in the US the right waystress and error free? Then call them now on 01-3428000 or 07046383854. Better still; send them an email at For more information on what they offer and how they work, you can check out their website

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