American designer changes her hair so often; we can't keep up - Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Hair

Nicole Richie`s hairstyles are always glamorous, classy and chic.

She's one of those celebrities who change hairstyles as often as she cleans her teeth!
She has tried so many hairstyles that's it's hard to count exactly how many hairdos she wore during her career.
And each time her gorgeous looks are different – bright and shocking, affectionate and flashy… but always sexy and bold.
Nicole Richie Hair

She affords the maximum of experiments with her hair, but it's worth it. Her fans adore all her changes and every new look.
Let's look at the most splendid hairdos which inspire us all the time!
Nicole Richie Hair
Among her best looks in the gallery below, you can find diverse bob haircuts – short, medium length and long, wavy hairstyles, casual buns and topknots, ponytails and fishtail. By the way, she loves bangs – thick, layered, side-swept.
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