For Women 7 relationship things that scare every guy

BankyW & Adesua Etomi

Here are the struggles every guy faces when they start to fall in love or catch feelings for you. Everyone falls in love some time.

And particularly for guys, it is true that along comes a woman at some point who arrests your heart and makes you want to stop being the man you once were.
She makes you reconsider your choice to be single, consumes you with an indescribable kind if attraction and seriously threatens to break down all the resistance to love that you have put up in your heart.
Now that sounds so romantic, right? Cool.
The problem with this is that moat guys wrestle with these strong feelings. They deny the presence of these emotions battle these feelings for as long as they can, and would rather choose to still remain emotionally unattached.
This is because almost every guy has some major fears when it comes to love, dating and committed relationships.
Don't be surprised to notice that eight out of every 10 guys have the following relationship fears...

1. Change

Guys fear that being in a relationship will alter their lives, no matter how little. And frankly, let's face it, being in a relationship does change one's way of life on some grand level. Especially if it is a committed one.
The fear if this change scares the hell out of several men.
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2. Loss of freedom

Guys also fear that they won't be able to do the things they used to do when they were alone. The freedom to do as you please, go where you want to go, date as many babes as you want is no longer there when you are in a relationship.

3. Vulnerability

Guys are used to putting up a front of being macho, in control and totally without any emotional lapses. Being in a relationship takes away this mask as you will be required to strip your soul and let someone in.
The idea of being emotionally vulnerable like this scares too many guys too much.

4. Boring sex

Sexual freedom and variety is one of the things that thrill men most about being single and free.
The chance to occasionally lay different types of women is especially thrilling and the thought of losing that is what makes many men worry when it comes to settling down for only one woman.

5. Needy girlfriend

A needy girlfriend is the bane of every man's existence. The fear that you might end up with one is even too scary to consider for many guys.

6. Fear of being cheated on

The fear is also there for guys that they could be cheated on without even knowing about it. This is really a fear with everyone who enters into a relationship, whether male or female.
The possibility just seems to bother men a lot more.

7. Heartbreak

Especially for those who have once had their hearts broken, the idea of being in a relationship will be so scary because a fear still lingers in their hearts that there might be a repeat of what happened in the previous relationship.
You might not like these things, but they are the things that play on guys' minds when they start catching feelings.


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