How to determine sexual compatibility without having sex

Sexual compatibility

Sex is something that many would rather leave till they are married.

People make decisions as this all the time;
whether due to absolute virginity, or in some cases, just a decision to abstain from sex till they get married to a particular partner.
For people like this, one of the most difficult things would be the determination of sexual compatibility with their partners.
The kind of sexual experience you get in a marriage could either make or mar your marriage.
The story has once been shared of a bride who was asked by her new husband for anal sex on the very night of their wedding or sometime thereabouts.
This particular couple had both abstained from sex till that wedding night, and when the time came to consummate their union, it occurred that they both had totally different ideas of what sex was meant to be like.
Apparently, the couple in question must surely not have had proper talk about their sexual preferences and towing such line in a sexless relationship could be the deadliest recipe for disaster.
Deciding to not have sex before marriage is not a bad thing, and if that is what you want with your partner, it's absolutely fine.
But choosing not to ascertain the sexual compatibility between you and your partner before taking such a huge leap as marriage is not advisable.
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