What to know before seriously committing to your partner


The idea that faithfulness and loyalty are the biggest relationship goal is one that many people believe in.

Probably because of the endless, limitless stories we hear every-time about heartbreaks and disappointments.
This writer believes that commitment is the ultimate relationship goal, and although faithfulness, because of its scarcity and rarity, has been given the role of the most treasured relationship goal, the truth remains that commitment is the truest of relationship ideals... the holy grail of relationship goals.
Commitment is bigger in coverage, and better in essence than other relationship traits because it's all-encompassing, an umbrella trait which has others under it.

So, to give be committed in a relationship is to be in it without half-measures... to be totally absorbed in it; body, soul and spirit.
However, to be willing to give your all in a relationship suggests that your partner should be willing to do the same.
And you'll really be selling yourself short if you decide to open up your soul and offer up your body to someone who, overtime, shows that they are undeserving of it.
You really need to watch out for a partner well, exercise all due diligence in learning about their likes, dislikes, victories, insecurities, joys, their past, weaknesses, etc., before giving your all to them.
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And as Destiny Rose [@_droseb_] puts it in one of her Instagram posts, "Don't commit long term to someone until you've seen them stuck in traffic, until you've witnessed them dealing with slow Internet connection, building an IKEA furniture set, or disappointed from their favorite team's loss.
"Don't marry until you've seen them completely drunk, waiting for food in a restaurant for entirely too long, or watched them search for their phone or car keys in a panic.
"Before you say yes to forever, see them angry, see them sick, scared, and focused.
"Notice when and what they want, when they lose, their patience is tested, and when they are stressed."

These instances give you an insight into their souls, into their minds; these things test their truest characters and force out people's real colours.
Until you learn all these things and more, it might be better to hold on with that move to be committed to that partner.
And it ever turns out that he/she handles some of these things in ways that don't align with your values, and standards, that might be your cue to move on, really, instead if trying to change or mould them into something that suits you.
"You can't really change someone, but you can reveal them. Sometimes people didn't actually change later down the line. Perhaps you just never really knew who they truly were." Destiny Rose adds in that her afore-mentioned Instagram post, and we couldn't agree more.
So ask and seek to learn everything about that guy or babe before committing everything all to them.
Better single than sorry.


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