10 Naija words that should make it to the dictionary - Nigerian Slangs

Temi Otedola

On Thursday, June 1, 2017, the Eminem-inspired word 'Stan' made it to the Oxford Dictionary.

The word 'Stan' is based of Eminem's cult classic single of the same name released in 2002. The chilling song narrates the eerie tale of a creepy fan who tries to get Eminem's attention at all costs.
The song ends with Eminem realizing that the fan mail he is replying is from Stan who committed suicide and killed his girlfriend.
Stan is widely regarded as one of the best rap songs of all time for its gripping narrative. Since it became a hit, Stan has been used on the streets to describe a mad fan.
17 years later the word is now officially part of the English language.
Over in Nigeria, we have our English so to speak. In our everyday conversations, we spice our sentences with slangs that only Nigerians can understand and appreciate. They are part of our cultural DNA, rich lines of our tapestry.
Below are ten Nigerian slangs that should make into the dictionary;

  1. lepa - (n) a sexy slim woman. "that lepa babe is hot"
  2. orobo - (n) a sexy, voluptuous, thick woman. In some cases, it can be used as derogatory remark. "orobo toh bad"
  3. fashi - (v) forget, don't let something or someone bother you. "Guy, fashi that matter. It is over."
  4. guck - (v) to make a silly or avoidable mistake. "I was about to guck myself by not leaving the house without money."
  5. baffs - (n) designer clothes, designer accessories. "My boyfriend bought a lot of baffs for me."
  6. nack - (v) to hit, to have sex. "Are they going to nack in this season of Game of Thrones?"
  7. hammer - (n/v) to make a large amount of money suddenly. "That guy on your street is about to hammer big time."
  8. okada - (n) a motorcycle meant for public transport. "I am about to enter an okada."
  9. aristo - (n) a rich old man who is into young women. "My father is an aristo."
  10. kolo - (n) mad, crazy. "This guy is on a kolo level."


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