There should be no pity for the singer - Dammy Krane

Dammy Krane's mug shot

The narrative that Dammy Krane was a product of his environment should not be entertained.

There are people of the opinion that the pressure to appear successful by all means made the singer crack. 
Pressure makes diamonds and it can burst pipes. What you have inside will come out when life throws a few curve balls at you. Dammy Krane's incarceration for alleged grand theft among other things shouldn't be blamed on the society.
Yes, Nigeria might not be an ideal society- there is no such thing- but that does not give every Tom, Dick & Harry, the liberty to rob people of their money and identity. There is no excuse under the sun that makes it right to be involved in crime.

If you end up doing a crime, chances are you wanted to be a criminal all along. Don't blame Nigeria for your weak moral constitution. Crime appeals to a criminal the same way the deep calls unto the deep. You attract what you are.
I understand that times are hard and some people are born into abject poverty. When a political class ignores people for so long they have no option than to turn to crime to make easy money. It's illegal but it is the situation of things. Not everyone has the moral fibre to resist being a yahoo boy when his parents and siblings are starving.
Nigerian celebrities who have been caught committing a crime do not fall into this category. Their talent is a gateway for them to do something meaningful with their lives and not go into crime. Sadly they were greedy. They chose not to work hard and grind. Instead, they wanted a short cut to success.
Dammy Krane's alleged accomplice, Gabriel Chukwuebuka Ilochonwu
There should be no sympathy for people like this. If you do the crime, then you must do the time. Talent is meant to make you sit with kings and queens. When your talent takes you to meet drug kingpins and Internet fraudsters, you are a criminal and must face the law.


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