What's the best way to get my girlfriend's forgiveness?

What's the best way to get my girlfriend's forgiveness? 

Dear Bukky,

Good day. Please I had problems with my ex, although we talk and chat even after the issue.

We've met so many times but the relationship isn’t just as it was because when she remembers the things I said to her, she still sees me as the enemy and she’s refused to return to me.

I’ve apologised and let her know that I still can’t stop loving her no matter how hard I try.

I understand I was foolish for what I did but how do I make her move past this and return to how we were?
Dear reader,

I don’t think there is much you can do than to apologise further, be consistent in treating her right and hope she finds it in her heart to forgive you and move on from that debacle.

I kinda feel you stand a pretty high chance of getting her back to her old self. The fact that you both still meet and communicate attests to this.

Like I said, you need to be a better man and treat her right consistently. Now more than ever.

Since actions always speak louder than words, this should show her that your apologies are not just empty and enticing words to lure her back to you.

I hope you get her back. And when you do, please try to keep your words kind in the relationship and continue treating your woman right.

You’d be lucky to get a second chance now; a third chance might never come if you mess this up too.
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