Married woman almost killed by man who refused to pay for sex

15yr old housewife murders husband, his step-brother with poison 

Married woman, Anita Ekpeyong was beaten and thrown into a well by man who refused to pay her for sex.

According to Vanguard Ekpeyong who lives in an uncompleted building with her husband and two children left home two weeks ago after informing her family she was going to charge her phone.
On her way, she encountered Isaac who told her he would offer her #3000 naira in exchange for sex with her. She agreed.

According to Ekpeyong’s interrogation, trouble followed when it was time to pay. Isaac refused to pay her the agreed amount. He took her money and her phone then threatened to kill her and throw her in a well.

Anita Ekpeyong

I did not know the man before. He only stopped me and asked how much I would take for the service and I said 3000, Ekpeyong stated.”
But when we finished he refused to pay”
Rather he threathened to kill me and dump my body in the bush. He started dragging me out of his house and at the same time hit me on my head.
He collected my Nokia Android phone and the money I had earlier worked for. He covered my mouth with a cloth to prevent me from shouting.
He dragged me out of his copound to about five buildings away from his. At this point, I was so weak and I passed out. The net time I opened my eyes, I was inside a well.”
“The luck I had was that the water level was just up to my chest. That was when I yelled for help

A passer-by was said to have been alerted by the noise from the well and raised alarm. Ekpeyong was then rushed into Isolo General Hospital by the police where she was treated.
The suspect is said to still be on the run. The suspects landlord claims his rent had long expired and that he issued him a notice to quit.
Lagos State Police Command has intensified effort in search of the fleeing suspect.


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