Man bites dog that attempts to kill his pet

The family pet had to undergo a treatment worth £1,000 following the attack. 

John Wood, in a bid to save his family pet, a Jack Russel called Bobby from being mauled by a white big dog and a Rottweiler, the former NHS worker reportedly bit hard on the latter in order to prevent the slaughtering of his animal.

This happened on Monday, February 5, 2018, in his hometown of Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire says Metro UK. The news platform reported that Wood's 10-second bite ensured that the vicious predator let loose of the Russel.

John Wood swung into action after a pair of big dogs attacked a Jack Russel owned by his family. 

The Rottweiler and its accomplice were reportedly let off a leash, giving them the opportunity to launch an attack on John Wood's pet who suffered neck injuries that required a treatment put at a cost of £1,000.

“The rottweiler came running round and started attacking Bobby from the back.
“Bobby then tried to defend himself but the white dog jumps in and grabs Bobby by the throat. He was going to kill him, so I started hitting him over the head with a stick.
“He still wouldn’t let go. The next thing, I leapt onto the ground and bit the dog on the flappy bit of its mouth. I bit and bit, just kept biting down for about 10 seconds, until the dog finally let Bobby go.
“He would be dead if I didn’t do it, there’s no doubt about that.
“He had torn all the muscle so they had to stitch that back up, and sew up all the flesh,"  

Wood a pensioner confirmed to newsmen.

When contacted, the police had told the retired nurse who laid a complaint that nothing can be done concerning the incident because it was a "dog on dog attack."

He is reportedly searching for the owners of the animals which attacked his pet so that they can sort out the bill.


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