Tiwa Savage snags Vogue's attention with rocking street style

Go Tiwa Savage! Vogue Magazine cannot seem to have enough of this diva's street style.

The singer earned herself a spot on Vogue Magazine with her rocking street style and we are in awe of her.

Tiwa shared a screenshot of the post on the Magazine's site via her Instagram page and it is obvious that she is super excited by this development.
See her post below:
In the featured piece, Tiwa is seen rocking a white sweater over black leggings, paired with a white Gucci headband and matching sneakers.
She capped it all off with a flowing flower print kimono in a cool shade of green.
Boy, are we in love.

The Gucci gang

Just when we thought HushPuppy was the king of Gucci, what with his obsession for the designer brand, Tiwa Savage proves us wrong.
Her love for the brand is also part of the reason Vogue featured her in the first place.
Tiwa has often been compared to Rihanna because of the fashion risks she takes consistently and this was no different.
We all know that Gucci is the body and feet of everybody worth their salt. From Beyonce to French MontanaKevin Hart, Wizkid, Davido, Toke Makinwa and most recently Tiwa Savage.
The label has become somewhat of a status symbol not only because of the hefty price tags attached but wearing the label puts the wearer in an exclusive club popularly known as the ‘Gucci Gang’, thanks to rapper, Lil Pump.

People purchase designer goods for a variety of reasons, among them because they convey a sense of status, wealth, and exclusivity.
These purchases lead others to make rapid inferences about the character of the purchaser (e.g., successful, arrogant, rich etc). We understand the psychology behind buying luxury goods but in the curious case of Gucci, does the overexposure decrease the overall value of the brand?
As they say, too much of everything is bad so we can agree that it is possible to over the the Gucci craze.

However, Tiwa has got it on lock down. For now at least.

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