Woman forced to sleep with daughter at banks for failing to give husband male child

A woman has been forced to spend her nights sleeping at parking lots belonging to banks after husband sent her packing alongside 10-year-old daughter, Amara. This is reportedly as a result of not being able to deliver a male child.

A Facebook user Prince Gwamnishu Harrison discovered her on an early morning shortly after arriving Lagos state.
He took to his personal page to share her story which touched on some of the abuses experienced by Nigerian women in their marriages.

It was gathered that her husband has taken a new wife who he anticipates will bear him the coveted fruit of a boy which brings along with it a sense of masculinity - an age long sentiment that has characterized African men.
"Arrived Lagos State this morning at 2:07am and surprise to see a woman and her 10yr old daughter sleeping in front of a Bank.
"I observed them from afar, came closer to avoid waking a mad woman.
"I woke them up and ask to know why they were sleeping in such a place. She opened up and told me she has been sleeping there for two nights," Harrison reported while narrating how he met the pair.
The woman whose name was not revealed mentioned that her husband asked him to leave his apartment in the dead of the night because of her inability to deliver a male child.
She envisaged travelling to Imo State in light of the unfortunate event but hasn't been able to afford transportation fees.
"Trouble started when my husband brought in a new wife because I couldn't have a male child. Last week Saturday at about 1:00am, he woke me and my Daughter (Amara), told us to leave his house in presence of his new wife.
"I didn't utter any word, no fight, he helped me parked my things out and that of my daughter. My luggage was much so I left some at the Security Post.
"I had nowhere to go at that godly hour except traveling back to Imo State but have no transport and even where to stay in Imo State," say the woman according to the Facebook post shared on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.
Prince Gwamnishu Harrison who appeared moved by her story confirmed that he offered some money in a bid to get her to the desired destination.  

He sought to use his post to seek help for the troubled woman whose phone number was included in his comments.

Afflictions suffered by women in their marriages has motivated malicious reactions given in response to the difficulties they have experienced in the hands of partners who have unknowingly encouraged grave responses such as murder.

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