Don’t compare success to how much money, houses or cars one has – Williams Uchemba

Former child actor and UN Ambassador, Williams Uchemba who recently came under fire from social media users for showing off his newly acquired US home and a car which he concealed the plate number, took to Instagram advising youths to shun the pursuit of money as a path to success.

Read his post below;

To My Generation: Please don’t ever compare Success to how much money, houses, or Cars one has. Success is simply DISCOVERING the assignment you were sent on earth to do and FINISHING it before you die. Focus on the vision(assignment) and God will give you all the provisions(funds, cars, houses…etc) you need. God doesn’t sponsor any project he didn’t ask you to do.
Please don’t mistake success/impact with how much money one has because great men that changed the world(Mandela, Martin Luther King jr., mother Theresa etc) do not have any record of how much money they had in their accounts even after death.

Don’t envy anyone because you feel they have more money than you; at the end of the day you that is focused on your purpose and assignment on this earth might be more successful than those with earthly treasures. #seekfirstGodskingdom

Williams, resurfaced on the Nigerian scene after his funny skits on Instagram went viral on most social media platforms .

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