Nigerian man elected as Italy's first black senator

A Nigerian man, Toni Iwobi, who has been living in Italy since the 1970s, has been elected as the country's first black senator.

Iwobi, who was born in Gusau in Northern Nigeria, is the chief immigration spokesman for the far-right League party in Italy, a party which has been accused of stirring up xenophobia.

He announced on his Facebook page that he had been elected to the senate in Italy's general election, The Local reports.

Following the election, Iwobi said on Facebook on Tuesday, March 6: “It is with great excitement that I can tell you I have been elected senator... A new adventure is about to begin."
Iwobi has been supporting the League for more than two decades and used the campaign slogan #StopInvasion - a reference to the more than 690,000 migrants who have landed on Italian shores from North Africa since 2013.
According to Iwobi, illegal immigration into Italy has led to an increase in racism.

He said in January: “Discrimination begins when there are no rules and the state lets anyone in. Illegality leads directly to violence and a racist response. The League supports healthy and controlled immigration which can act as a bulwark against racism."

62-year-old Iwobi travelled to Italy on a student visa 40 years ago. He married an Italian woman and started his own IT company in Italy.


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