Nigerian man marries 15-yr-old Indian girl

Negative reactions have met reports concerning  marriage between a 60-year-old Nigerian man who reportedly got hitched a 15-year-old Indian girl.

Comments circulating online media saw social media users express a disapproval over the acceptance of the union has received from the teenager's parents. 

A picture posted on Instagram showed family members of the latter striking a pose with her husband.
The reaction of an observer, Natasha Chauhan proved to be the highlight of responses which mainly bothered on shock. It seemed unbelievable to most that such relationship had found acceptance in the current clime of cultural advancement.

"In India... A probably 15 yr old Muslim child married to a probably 60 yr old Nigerian... Her Dad looks quite okay with it...," writes Chauhan.

Though there have been a widespread criticism concerning marriages between young girls and older partners, Islam has however offered no condemnation against the practice nor openly approved it.
Getting the consent of the child's parent appears to be one of the yardstick considered for legitimacy of the relationship.

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