OAU sex-for-marks scandal: Accused lecturer allegedly goes into hiding

The lecturer accused of demanding sex for marks in OAU has allegedly gone into hiding; reportedly abandoning his office and home
- The school’s PRO however said he could not tell if the lecturer was indeed in hiding; and also disclosed that the institution is still working to identify the victim
- He said the school does not rely on speculations or rumours, neither does it condone acts of immorality or other anti-social behaviours
- The PRO said a thorough investigation would be carried out, and the findings would be made public
The Obafemi Awolowo University lecturer accused of demanding sex from a female student in order to improve her marks has allegedly gone into hiding, Punch reports.
During a visit to his office on Thursday, April 12, he was absent; and a lecturer in his department who spoke on the condition of anonymity reportedly disclosed that since the audio recording of the incident went viral on social media, the man had been in hiding.
NAIJ.com gathers that the lecturer further disclosed that the accused professor was also not at his residence; and that his church members had been paying visits to his wife, to offer sympathy.
He stated: “The prof is not in the office. He has not been coming since his alleged conversation with a female student went viral. I don’t know where he is, but he has finished his sabbatical and has come back to the campus before this scandal broke out.”
Other lecturers seen in the Faculty of Administration where the department is located refused to speak on the matter.
When contacted for comments, the institution’s public relations officer, Abiodun Olanrewaju, disclosed that the committee set up to investigate the matter had started sitting; however, he could not tell if the lecturer had gone into hiding.
He further added that the school is still trying to identify the female victim.
He said: “For now, the prof has finished his sabbatical, but he has some accumulated leave. It is only his head of department that can say categorically if he has been coming to the office or not.
“I don’t know if he has gone into hiding because he is not a criminal. We are still investigating the allegations leveled against him. He has not been convicted and he is not before any court of competent jurisdiction.
“We have set machinery in motion to identify the characters in the audio tape. Obafemi Awolowo University is the best ICT university in Nigeria and we have the apparatus to determine the vanity or otherwise of the audio tape.
“If any student comes out to tell the university that certain things happened to them, the university will investigate it.
“As a university, we don’t rely on speculations, neither do we dwell on rumours. But if we receive a formal complaint from anybody, either student or worker, that has to do with harassment – whether sexual, political, social or religious – we will take it up. But there must be a complaint before we know what to do.
“The girl that recorded the audio, we are still working on her identity and when she comes forward, we will know. But it won’t be in the interest of members of the panel to pre-empt that. However, they have started sitting on the issue.”
The PRO stressed that OAU does not condone immorality or any other anti-social behavior, and would carry out a thorough investigation into the matter; after which, it would make its findings public.
Meanwhile, NAIJ.com previously reported that the vice chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University finally reacted to a leaked audio that showed Professor Richard Akindele, a lecturer in the institution demanding sex from a female student to help her pass her examination.
In a statement he personally signed, the vice-chancellor, Eyitope Ogunbodede, said the university had begun the process of identifying the person involved.
The VC said the act was a breach of regulations of the university’s code of conduct and anti-sexual harassment policy.
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