The inspiration behind “King Don Come” album art- D'banj


Of all D’banj’s album artwork, the cover for new album “King Don Come” is the most creative.

The singer’s 4th solo studio album is set for release, and of all the promotional elements designed to project the music, the album artwork stands out as a gem. Created by Nduka Abii, popularly known as Duks Arts, the project draws inspiration from the HBO hit TV series “Game Of Thrones.”

The show is in its penultimate season, after it has become arguably the most popular and successful TV series. D’banj’s artwork was drawn from it.

The story of the album art began on Twitter. Duks Art who uses the social media platform as a tool for his business was followed by D’banj on a random day, and that connection set the pace for the collaboration.

D'banj followed me on Twitter and I couldn't believe it. Had to check my shit several times to see if it wasn't a fake account.” Duks tell Pulse via email.

“I met him in a club a year ago. It was so crazy because I was intoxicated, and I thought I was just hallucinating. At 4am, I saw a familiar silhouette seated, discussing business with another man. I was blown away. It was him! BANGA LEE! I walked up and introduced myself. I was so shocked when he told me that he knew my brand, with a smile on his face. He took my number.”

Duke was honored by the meeting and Twitter connection. He has been a fan of D’banj from the beginning, listening to all of his music from the Mo’Hits era, down to his solo run in the industry. He still feels connected to D’banj today, more than ever.

“This man made my younger years more enjoyable. His music elevated my creativity, and made me a happier boy, proud to call Nigeria my home.” Duks says. “In my opinion, he is the greatest Nigerian entertainer (of my time) to have ever walked among us, and I feel so privileged that he chose me for this project.”

“King Don Come” album art employs elements from “Game Of Thrones” in its execution. The album art which was shared by the singer via social media showed the Nigerian superstar depicted as a medieval king. D’banj is sitting on a throne placed against the backdrop of a raging battle. He is dressed in kingly robes and jewelry, with animal fur draping his shoulder, and his famous DB gold chain on his neck.


There are dragons all around. A baby fire-breather is perched on his arm, two giant creatures loom behind his throne, and another is flying in the sky. His DB banner is all that stands on the battle field, connoting a hard-fought victory that is straight from a legendary story book.

“I went full throttle on this project.” An excited Duks says. “I went with an archaic Age of Empires theme, and I didn't give a f…; I let the dragons loose haha. I'm not a huge fan the 'Game of Thrones' saga, and I don't know any of the characters by name, but I've always loved the visual direction. I was inspired by it.”

Public reactions so far to the creative direction has been positive. Fans have also put a spin on the art, interpreting parts of it as veiled insults or ‘shots’ at other artists. But negativity was not a part of the plan. It simply came from a place where two arts meet and overlap: sound and visual.

“I won't give an artist's statement on the painting. I'm open to the audience to interpret it how they will. Also, there is no form if shade directed at anyone.” Duks reveals.

“The results are always impeccable when clients give me full creative freedom, and enough time to get the job done. D'banj told me to paint what I felt it should look like, and I decided to murder. I was also given about a week or two to deliver. He was very patient with me.”

And how did D’banj receive it?

The singer shared it on social media, with the album release date, and he has been measured about public reactions. But Duks reveal that D’banj loved it. And that’s why he chose this particular creative to market and sell his new major project.

“He absolutely loved it. He always replies "BAD BOI" every time I come with the dopenes. He told me he had a couple of designs done, but he scrapped them and picked mine. I'm so grateful.” Duks says.

Duks Arts who is also a video director and editor has also shot music videos for some popular musicians. He has currently leads the creative team of numerous artists, including projects for Olamide, Lynxxxx, Awon Boyz, Nonso Amadi, and Odunsi (The Engine).

“All these talents mentioned give me complete creative control when I work, and their fans are always happy when they can see hear dope music and look at cool (relatable) art at the same time,”  He says.

 culled from pulseng.


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