This is how you should treat clients': Disgruntled customer brings two beautiful strippers to bank to protest against poor banking service


A disgruntled customer who got fed up with the banking service of one the Sberbank branch in the Russian capital of Moscow brought two strippers in a bizarre attempt to protest their poor service.

The man whose name wasn' t revealed is said to have arrived at the branch with the two beautiful strippers who at first were fully clothed.

Confronting the staff of the bank, he said; “You are treating the client without generosity, in a cold way. I would like to show you how you should really treat the client."

The customer then turns on music from his phone for the women who began to dance erotically and strip off their clothes.

In a video below, the two women stripped down to their underwear, pop off their bras as they both climb on the bank’s furniture to distract the bank workers from working.

The disgruntled bank customer dressed in suit still continues his rant at the staff saying: ”You have got me to the brink of a nervous breakdown. This is how you should treat clients”I hope you will remember this moment”.

Reacting to the incident, Moscow branch spokesman Oleg Vlasov said: "The client's problem was solved before the incident. "The bank filed a complaint with police for hooliganism."

However, it was not reported if the man or his dancers were charged with any offence.

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