You can enjoy your booze during service in this church

A church in South Africa has brought in another dimension in spreading the gospel by introducing alcohol which they use in baptizing members as well as encouraging them to booze up during service.

According to The Southern Daily, a South African tabloid, the church known as Gabola Church of International Ministries, [Gabola being the Tswana word for drinking], was founded two months ago and the number has increased so tremendously that it has become the most popular church in Freddy’s Tavern, Orange Farm, which is in the south of Johannesburg. 

Describing the Gabola Church as a gathering of like-minded worshippers, Southern Daily said the members have no problem spending a lot of time in church to show their 'love of the Lord', as long as there is enough booze to go around.

"This church is not called Gabola Church for nothing. Gabola is the Tswana word for drinking and in this holy church of the Lord, the congregation rocks up at a tavern. 

With cold beers going down, loud cries of 'Amen' can be heard booming from Freddy’s Tavern in Orange Farm, south of Joburg.

From the Pastor to the Bishop of the two-month-old Gabola Church of International Ministries, and to members of the congregation, one cold beer after another is handed out.

Members are baptized with their choice of alcohol. Gabola Church congregants drink together during the church services.

Bishop Tsietsi Makiti, 52, is the founder of the church in South Africa. He started the church in a tavern, and it now has five hundred members.

The church accommodates people who are not welcome at other churches. When sources visited the church, the Bishop was quenching his thirst with his drink and praying with members who were also drinking.

Makiti said when Jesus came to his followers, alcohol changed everything. According to Bishop Makiti, people didn’t know what to do for fun, but when Jesus changed water into wine, he prayed for it to stimulate their bodies.

In his words:
'So this church also prays for their drinks before they are served. With God in our taverns, we would see crime being reduced and love and respect promoted.'

People who drink beer are happy and peaceful. This means they are living in the shadow of God.”

The owner of the tavern, Freddy Mathebula who also spoke on the church proceedings, said the church accommodated the rejects of communities.

“Since the church started, crime has been reduced and we have received a great response from the community.”

A member of the Gabola Church, Jeffrey Mokoena, also spoke of his happiness being part of such an exciting family.

“The church makes me feel at home. I can’t see myself being a member of any other church,” he said proudly.


Michael Motsepe, another member was quoted as saying:

“As a young person who likes his beer, I feel uncomfortable in other churches. But when I’m here, I can drink. God is everywhere, even in taverns.”

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