Breaking news!!! Yahoo boys beat up two Sars officers for stopping them around Owerri Aba road

The horrible incident happened around Tuesday even, 11th 8, 2018. The SARS officers was alleged to stop the four convoy cars on a parallel line heading to Aba, sars officers with their car double cross them, accusing them to be of yahoo boys bringing bad name to the country and it good people.

One Of the men who was accused to be a Yahoo boy replied that, they are very late to meeting, that such accusation on them is based on their cars and look, that the officers should please look for another avenue to extort money from people not this rude way.

On this comment alone, a serious conflict and insults which led one of the alleged yahoo boy to slap a Sars officer, hold his gun, while the rest of they Yahoo boys hold the rest of two Sars officers also with their guns, bad day for the SARS, they yahoo boys was many in their cars and the over powered them, and the public.


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