Man’s Manhood ‘Disappears’ After Taking Money From Rich Man In Lagos (Photo)

There was a drama in the city of Lagos earlier on Friday after a security man lost his genitals just after he reportedly collected money from a ‘rich man’ inside an SUV.

According to Dipo, who shared the clip, the security guard noticed that his manhood disappeared almost immediately after he collected money from the suspected politician.

He reportedly raised an alarm, and the rich man got away after his security details fired shots in the air.

He shared a clip from the scene of the incident in Lagos and wrote:

He added:-

“A security guard’s manhood disappeared, immediately the man (politician) in the jeep gave him money, today at City Hall, Lagos. While people gathered and tried stopping the man, he got away with a barrage of shooting from the car… Shared as received.”
“(also) Our gateman’s manhood disappeared in 2006 or 2007 but he was lucky to catch the man. The guy was arrested and after plenty beating, be returned the manhood. They had to pay someone so he can test the efficiency of the manhood right there in the Police station.”


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