U.S Reveals What Will Happen To Nigeria In 2050

The United States has warned that Nigeria was in danger of a looming population explosion by 2050.

The US Deputy Chief of Mission in Nigeria, David Young gave the warning in Kaduna on Thursday.

He advised the Nigerian government and other stakeholders to gear up to withstand the challenges of population explosion.

He said the country’s population would double to 400 million by the year 2050.

Young expressed concern that the population will create more problems than opportunities for the nation in future if not well manage.

He said this during an interactive forum with members of the Sir Kashim Ibrahim Fellows held at Government House in the Kaduna state capital.

Advising on the on the way forward, Young said government must focus attention on human capital development, health, education and curbing corruption to the barest minimum.

“We are in Kaduna to speak to young people who are the future leaders of the country. As we have discussed, the challenge in 2050 for Nigeria are both opportunities and challenges, particularly with the great population that is coming. By 2050, Nigeria will have over 400 million people.

“I think it’s very important to face these challenges. Investing in the people, the leaders of the future, is really important.

“I think all Nigerians recognize that addressing the issue of corruption is very important to be able to free up the funds to be able to invest in education, health for the future leaders of this country,” Mr. Young said.


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