Nick Cannon is convinced Kanye West has been cloned after the statements he made at his meeting with Trump

Kanye West made some interesting statements while meeting with Donald Trump yesterday, leading Nick Cannon to believe that that's not the real Kanye.

One of the things Kanye said is that wearing the Make America Great Again, MAGA, hat made him feel "like Superman". He also said a number of other things about Hillary Clinton that the black community did not agree with.
Subsequently, social media users went online to react to Kanye's meeting with Trump at the Oval Office, including media personality/ actor Nick Cannon.
Nick wrote:
Convinced that’s a Kanye West Clone!! LOL. They messing with my brothers mind. #MKULTRA is real! His Spirit is pure though. Let’s not give up on our guy! His message of Love is real but he is allowing devils to take advantage of his vulnerability & treat him like a puppet.


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