Wife Forced Husband To Get Her Name Tattooed On His Crotch As Punishment For Cheating

A woman accused of abducting her husband’s lover also forced her spouse to get her name tattooed above his crotch as payback for cheating, it is reported.

Testimony in the kidnapping trial against Tammy Moorer revealed that she was overheard explaining the “punishment” meted out to her 38-year-old husband, Sidney Moorer.

Tammy, from South Carolina, is accused of conspiring to kidnap 20-year-old Heather Elvis, who vanished in December 2013 from Myrtle Beach after having a sexual relationship with the defendant’s husband.

Nearly five years later, the young hostess hasn’t been found and is presumed dead, the New York Post reports. Prosecutors say Tammy became vindictive after discovering the affair in October 2013 and hearing rumors about the possibility that Elvis was pregnant.

Jacob Melton, who was friends with one of the Moorers’ sons, testified yesterday that Sidney got Tammy’s name tattooed on his lower waist when she learned about the extramarital affair.

She allegedly told her husband: “If you didn’t have that thing with that girl, this wouldn’t be happening.”

Yesterday Elvis’s former employer also provided testimony. Dennis Clark, a former manager at the Tilted Kilt — the bar where Sidney performed maintenance work and met Elvis — said Tammy demanded on the phone that the hostess be fired or her husband wouldn’t continue to do repairs.

Clark claimed the conversation occurred sometime between October and December 2013. Both Tammy and Sidney have been charged in connection to Elvis’s case.

The pair initially faced murder and kidnapping allegations in 2014, but two years later the murder charges were dropped. Sidney was tried last year on the kidnapping charge but the proceedings ended in a mistrial when the jurors couldn’t come to a unanimous decision. No future date has been set for his retrial.


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