1904vibz Rebranded, We're Back For Business.

Dear 1904vibrantz,

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website and company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of 1904vibz.com brand.

Last year we started considering new ways to use web technologies to support and expand our dedication to customer service. The first, we're developing a new website that reflects current standards and offers a more robust platform for user experience and feedback. Next, we're adding some nice features from different personalities and also we're beefing up how to get updates as fresh as it lands.

During the past two years, 1904vibz.com has grown and become a global brand in entertainment news, music, music distribution, video, hilarious gist updates around the corners of the world. We’ve gained a massive traffic and clients in the Middle East, America, China, Canada, Australia, UAE and Africa(Nigeria) as the operation hub.

1904vibz.com has always striven to provide viewers with top quality news and music distribution (Promotions) at competitive prices while maintaining a consistently high level of customer service.

As always, we appreciate your loyalty to 1904vibz.com and will continue striving to deliver the best updates and support to help facilitate your vital work of providing continuous News updates all over the world.

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Fresh Vibz Only!!!

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